“Hello, just sold the other half of  [my position on this stock] for a profit of $2,325.00 — a huge gain of 266%! 
“The first half profit was $450 or 51% gain. That was a very successful trade, indeed!”
Brent J.

“Hi Brian,
“I wanted to share my results with you.
“A Great Trade from you that ended up with Total Gains of 80.6% after fees. Pretty Work!
“Thank you for All the Great Work you do!”>
John C.

“Hi Brian,
“I purchased 8 contracts of [this stock] at $2.68.
“I sold 4 at $4.00 on 9/21/2020.
“I sold the other 4 at $3.20 on 9/22/2020.
“So by my math I made 49% on the first 4 contracts and 19% on the second 4 contracts. Thanks for the positive trade gains!”
Sitabai B.

“I sold my shares today for a 65% gain!!
“Original amount $2,055, sold amount $3,400.
“Have done several [profit accelerator] trades this year, so it was not difficult. Thanks for your hard work!!”
Jonathan J.

“As a visual learner, and a very fast reader, I appreciate having the webinar transcripts available rather than being forced to sit through the webinar itself.
“Very few things are more painful to my brain than having to listen to someone talk about something when I could get the info so much more quickly by just reading it. 
“Thank you for realizing that it's a good idea to get the same info to people in a variety of ways to meet their learning styles.”
Beth H.

“Hi Brian, [this stock] has been a Wonderful Investment for me. I sold 3/4 of my position at $19.49 after fees for a gain of 197.6%!
“SUPER! Thanks for all you do.”
John C.

“Dear Brian,
“Thank you for the great recommendation in [this stock]. I manage several portfolios (cash and margin) for my husband and I and our returns were even better than yours — ranging from a low of 75.4% to a high of 90.6% (guess I bought into that one on a dip).
“What can we say but thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Trina P.

“Per your request for info on my experience with [this stock], in my Roth IRA account at Vanguard, I purchased 250 shares on 6/25/2020 at $6.13 for a total of $1,532.50. I sold today (10/12/2020) for $10.475. After the $0.06 fee for the trade, the net was $2,686.19. The gain was $1,153.69, or just over 75%. Nice going, guys!”
Ken G.

“Thank You!
“It was my most fun (and profitable) trade this year! 250% profit!”
Floyd M.

“Bought 435 shares of [this stock] at $4.64 on 12/11/19.
“Sold 435 shares today at $16.815 — a 262% gain.
“Very happy. Thank you.”
Jim C.

“Hi Brian, I was hesitant to sell but let's not get greedy — you say sell so I sell. I made 243% on this trade, started with $1,996 and ended with $8,188. I purchased on 12/26/2019. Thank you very much for your guidance on this!”
Dave G.

“Hey Brian,
“Just want you to know how much I appreciate you and your team at Profit Line!
“Just booked a 270 percent gain on [this stock] in just 8 months!
“I bought on your recommendation on 12/11/19 for $4.75 and sold it today (8/18/20) for $16.87.
“Thank you so much! Keep up the great work!”
Scott K.

“We made a 125% profit on [this stock]! We opened this position on 6/12/2020. Great work, Brian!!! We appreciate your excellent leadership.”
Doug and Martha H.

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