When it comes to investing, it is always best to stick to a reliable strategy. Yet, many Main Street Americans invest without a plan — and see less-than-stellar gains, or even large losses, because of it.

If this describes you, then know that I understand your frustration. It can be difficult to build an investing strategy on your own, especially with all of your other responsibilities.

That’s where my Flow Matrix Alert trading service comes in.

Flow Matrix Alert, lets you grab big gains as quickly as 60 days. It uses a simple strategy called momentum investing.

Studies have shown that momentum investing — or buying recent stock winners and selling recent losers — generates higher returns than the overall market.

But it isn’t just U.S. stocks. A 2013 study assessed 215 years of market data and found momentum can generate outsized returns for foreign stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.

And Flow Matrix Alert takes advantage of the profit potential in momentum investing.

But the Flow Matrix strategy doesn’t include buying stocks. Instead, it uses a “profit accelerator” to magnify gains exponentially.

For instance, in my beta test, I was alerted to a beaten-down retailer that had sold off but showed signs of bottoming. Beta testers using the profit accelerator bought on June 21, then sold six days later — tripling their money.

Had they bought and held the stock, they would’ve only made a 31% profit in that same time frame. But thanks to the profit accelerator, the beta testers leveraged their gains up to 200%!

If you become a member of Flow Matrix Alert, you’ll get access to a suite of profit-building tools, including:

  • Trade alerts. When the Flow Matrix system triggers a buy (on average, two trades a month), I will send you an email with the complete trade instructions.
  • The Flow Matrix Alert trading manual. This detailed guide explains my approach to trading this service, what kind of trades to expect, how to trade and how to exit.
  • Weekly updates. Every Tuesday, I’ll send you a detailed analysis about how your positions are doing and what to expect from the current market.
  • 24/7 access to the members-only website. You’ll have an exclusive login and password to our encrypted website, where you can access every trade alert, the entire model portfolio and more.
  • Real-time access to the model portfolio. This model portfolio gives you a constant, up-to-date tally of how much the portfolio has grown, right up until the present moment.
  • Direct support from a dedicated customer service team. You’ll receive a confidential number, giving you direct access to our highly trained and specialized client care team. If you ever have questions, simply call or email.

To learn more or join Flow Matrix Alert, click on the button below.

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