No one can deny company insiders know a thing or two about investing — especially investing in their own companies. Take CEO Charles Baum, for example. When Wall Street declared his company Mirati “obliterated,” he bought up shares … and saw gains of 810%. J. Scott Longval did the same thing at IntriCon — and grabbed gains of 1,924%!

But those are company insiders. Main Street Americans can’t possibly pinpoint when a company’s stock is going to surge.


Wrong. You see, thanks to my Profit Line strategy, you can follow company insiders into their next massive gain — and it’s 100% legal. With my know-how on elite financial insiders, I’m aiming to bring you a triple-digit gain every 90 days.

That may sound too good to be true, but trust me: It can be done. I have performed exhaustive tests to make sure that Profit Line can bring wins to Main Street Americans just like you. In the back test alone, I identified 35 stocks that released over 11,000% in total gains. And now, it’s your turn to start capturing these profits for yourself.

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When it comes to investing, it is always best to stick to a reliable strategy. Yet, many Main Street Americans invest without a plan — and see less-than-stellar gains, or even large losses, because of it.

If this describes you, then know that I understand your frustration. It can be difficult to build an investing strategy on your own, especially with all of your other responsibilities.

That’s where my Flow Matrix Alert trading service comes in.

Flow Matrix Alert lets you grab big gains in as little as 60 days. It uses a simple strategy called momentum investing.

Studies have shown that momentum investing — or buying recent stock winners and selling recent losers — generates higher returns than the overall market. 

But we won’t be buying stocks. Instead, my Flow Matrix system relies on a “profit accelerator” to magnify gains exponentially. 

For instance, in my beta test, I was alerted to a beaten-down retailer that had sold off but showed signs of bottoming. Beta testers used the profit accelerator to invest in the retailer on June 21, then sold six days later — tripling their money. 

Had they bought and held the stock, they would’ve only made a 31% profit in that same time frame. But thanks to the profit accelerator, they leveraged their gains up to 200%!

And now, you can do the same.

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