My Story

I used to be a turnaround consultant. Basically, I provided financial consulting and analysis services to struggling or bankrupt companies, along with their attorneys and lenders.

These services varied.

I would value a company or division … advise attorneys who had questions about the meaning of financial statements … run the accounting and finance division of a company.

My clients varied, too.

I worked with companies with billions of dollars in sales and those with a few million. I even worked with individuals in financial trouble.

I helped to rehabilitate companies, but sometimes they were too far gone.

That’s one of the things that stuck with me from working in this space…

I’ve seen people suffer more than they deserved to.

I’ve seen pension benefits get watered down. This was usually because when the business cycle turned down, management hadn’t squirreled away enough for a rainy day.

I’ve worked with people who put all their eggs in one basket. That’s just a saying until you see its grim effects.

One gentlemen I respected almost died when the employer stock he had pinned his and his wife’s retirement hopes on dropped suddenly.

Victor wasn’t young. I never learned his exact age, but he was more than halfway through his working career when I met him. Never fat, he became gaunt as the stock price fell.

Eventually, he was admitted to the hospital to address the debilitating effects of the stress.

I’ve never forgotten him.

The company eventually recovered and so did Victor’s retirement plan. He is still with us, but I imagine that experience cut some time off his life.

It’s stories like his that drive me.

It’s the main reason I do what I do. I want to help you grow your hard-earned wealth. I want to help you avoid Victor’s mistake: placing all your hope in one stock soaring higher, only to sacrifice your health and peace of mind in return.

I want to help you find reasonably priced stocks with minimal downside, but with the potential to go much higher.

I’ve done this in my personal investment account.

I’ve seen gains of 142% on Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals…

A 133% gain on Rayonier Advanced Materials…

A 158% gain on United Insurance Holdings…

A 200% gain on U.S. Global Investors…

And dozens more.

Now I’m bringing my investing expertise to Jeff Yastine’s Profit Line to help you follow company insiders into their next lucrative trade.

As a former turnaround consultant who helped companies in financial distress recover their footing, I am very familiar with how companies run. I’ve sat on the boards of these companies. I think like an insider because I’ve been an insider.

And following these insiders into trades can be incredibly lucrative.

Everyone — no matter their age, net worth or investment experience — can profit from legal insider trading.

Now, I’m not talking about anything illegal. I’m not talking about non-public information. I’m talking about the kind of information you can gather from studying what insiders have made publicly available.

Yet, many don’t know it’s out there.

See, when it comes to legal insider trading, company executives have to report all their trades to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They file what’s called a Form 4, which reveals exactly how many shares of stock they’re buying. It’s a massive signal. (Anyone can access this information, simply by going onto the SEC website.)

When insiders signal that it’s time to buy a stock, they really mean it, and if you invest along with them, the profits can be massive.

Often, these insiders are getting into the stock just when Wall Street gives the company up for dead.

This is where my three-tiered strategy comes into play.

In effect, this strategy allows us to “slip inside” the boardrooms of all 3,600 publicly listed U.S. companies…

And this system allows us to pinpoint the insider buys set up to offer the easy, fast, consistent profits.

This system is the core investing strategy behind my service, Jeff Yastine’s Profit Line.

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